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Joplin Jalopy
B-24J-1-FO 42-50535

44th Bomb Group, 506th Bomb Sqn

Joplin Jalopy Photo courtesy of Alan Griffith, author of "Consolidated Mess Vol 1"
Photo courtesy of Alan Griffith, author of "Consolidated Mess Vol 1"

This B24 Liberator completed 66 combat missions before returning to the USA at the end of May 1945. It was purchased from $300,000 of war bond sales made to citizens of Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. 'Joplin Jalopy' was assigned to 44th Bomb Group on 24th July 1944 based at Shipdham in England. Two weeks later it suffered severe battle damage over Saarbrucken requiring considerable repairs.The only casualty its crews sustained during the 66 missions it completed occurred on 24th March 1945 during a low level operation to drop supplies to the paratroops at Wesel. One crew man, Sgt Diaz, was standing near the open bomb doors hauling in the static lines from despatched containers when his chest-pack parachute accidentally popped open and dragged him from the plane. He had no chance at such a low altitude and high speed.

No mission listing is currently available for this aircraft


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