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Spirit Of Atlantic City NJ
P-47 42-8487

56th Fighter Group, 63rd Squadron

Spirit Of Atlantic City NJ

This war bond purchase was assigned to Walker "Bud" Mahurin and is believed to be the aircraft in which he claimed most of his aerial victories. Some at least can be confirmed. On 9th September 43 Mahurin shot down an Fw190 and on 22nd December claimed two Me109s. Another Me109 was shot out of the sky on 2nd February 1944 and on the mission to Berlin on 6th March another Fw190 was confirmed along with the probable destruction of another.

On 27th March 1944, Major Bud Mahurin's luck ran out and he was himself shot down but only after bringing down a Dornier 217. The rear gunner of the German plane claimed the hit in Mahurin's engine, setting it on fire and bringing the P47 down near Allones, south-east of Chartes, France.

Mahurin successfully evaded capture and finally returned to England in May.

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