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Spirit of Twin Falls County

Spirit of Twin Falls County

This B17F resulted from the purchase of War Bonds by citizens of Twin Falls, Idaho during June and July 1942 when they contributed in excess of $300,000. Built by Boeing at their Seattle plant it represented the latest development of the Flying Fortress.

It was anticipated at the time that the aircraft would be despatched to England for combat duties with the 8th Air Force. The Associate Administrator of the War Bond Savings R M Logston was quoted as stating that "since your ship is going into actual combat almost immediately it may be difficult to give details of her first flight." He continued, "I only hope that some day in the future we will receive word that the "Spirit of Twins Falls County" has dropped her four ton load directly on the castle at Berchtesgaden."

However, the photo supplied suggests that this B17 may have been another of the retouched images supplied by the War Dept and no actual aircraft was embellished with this title.

The following year, 1943, the citizens purchased another Fortress which was named "Pride of Twin Falls".

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