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Rough Rider
P-51D-10-NA 44-14747

364th Fighter Group, 383rd Fighter Squadron

Rough Rider Photo: Elmer Fiery
Photo: Elmer Fiery

Listed as missing in action on 22nd February 1945 piloted by 1Lt Frederick Ross and claimed by Oblt Hans Dortenmann, 11./JG54.

According to Elmer Fiery, assigned to the plane in the 364th Fighter Group, this Mustang was actually a replacement for a P51 purchased with War Bonds by students of the West Side High School in Newark, NJ. The original "Rough Rider" was given much publicity at its naming ceremony and was deployed to the group, prepared for combat and promptly lost. In view of the publicity and in order to maintain morale, this replacement was immediately named with the same title and given to a pilot who came from Newark, i.e. Elmer Fiery. An enlisted man spray painted the rearing horse and painted the title.

Elmer Fiery flew 20 missions in the plane before completing his tour of combat and passing the Mustang on to other pilots.

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


5 Oct 1944E M FieryNurnberg1st mission in plane
6 Oct 1944E M FieryCologne
17 Oct 1944E M FieryKoblenz(p) shown in Sqn history but not in his personal flight record
19 Oct 1944E M FieryBrunswick
22 Oct 1944E M FieryMannheim
25 Oct 1944E M FieryHamburg
26 Oct 1944E M FieryHerford
28 Oct 1944E M FieryMunster
2 Nov 1944E M FieryMerseburg
4 Nov 1944E M FieryHamburg
8 Nov 1944E M FieryMerseburg
5 Dec 1944E M FieryBerlin
18 Dec 1944E M FieryCologne
26 Dec 1944Capt E M FieryKoblenz
27 Dec 1944Capt E M FieryFrankfurt2 Fw190 destroyed
29 Dec 1944Capt E M FieryBingenFw190 claimed
6 Jan 1945Capt E M FieryKaiserlauternSqn lead
15 Jan 1945Capt E M FieryLechfeldLanded on continent at emergency field
16 Jan 1945Capt E M FieryLonneinitz
6 Feb 1945Capt E M FieryLeipizig
22 Feb 1945A RossQuackenbruchMISSING - hit by flak while stafing AF

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