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B-24JSH-20-FO 44-48816

453rd Bomb Group, 735th Bomb Squadron


This was the second B24 in the 453BG to carry the title "Ginnie". The first was lost in February 1944 when it exploded over the North Sea. This second aircraft was not assigned to the group until almost a year later in January'45. It was believed to have been named after the wife of Capt James "Bud" Reidy but it is not yet confirmed which of his missions he and his crew flew in the aircraft.

It is first noted in the records on 21 January and a fortnight later it was sent to 467 Sub Depot for modifications and the fitting on a scope camera mount. In early April it was transferred out of the 453BG and into 467BG and travelled back to the USA without flying any further combat missions. It was scrapped in January 1946.

In common with several 735BS ships towards the end of the war, "Ginnie" carried the yellow and black squadron emblem on both sides below the cockpit.

Known mission dates for "Ginnie" :
29 Jan 45 (Hamm)
31 Jan 45 (Berlin recalled)
03 Feb 45 (Magdeburg)
06 Feb 45 (Magdeburg)
22 Feb 45 (Halberstadt)
27 Feb 45 (Halle)
01 Mar 45 (Ingolstadt)
15 Mar 45 (Gerdelegen)
17 Mar 45 (Munster recalled)
19 Mar 45 (Neuberg)
21 Mar 45 (Achmer)
23 Mar 45 (Munster)
30 Mar 45 (Wilhelmshaven)(p) Lt Parsons
04 Apr 45 (Wesendorf AF)
05 Apr 45 (Halle)

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


30 Nov -0001Ginniefor James Reidy's wife)
30 Nov -0001Ginnie 


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