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City Of Wilmington
B-29-30-MO 42-65365

39th Bomb Group, 62nd Bomb Squadron

City Of Wilmington Courtesy 39BG
Courtesy 39BG

This B-29 Superfort left the USA for Guam on 29 March 45 and was ready to fly its first mission on 26 April to the airfield at Kokubu. It was given the code of P-41 and named after the plane's left gunner Al Fierro's home town of Wilmington and also carried the title "Hell's Belle" on the right hand side.

Fierro flew a total of 27 combat missions in aircraft with Maj Harold McNeese's crew. On 10 May, over Otake, they were hit by flak which caused a sudden decompression inside the B-29 but returned safely and continued combat flying after repairs.

A replacement crew later renamed the aircraft as "City of Las Vegas" and it has also been associated with the name "City of Santa Fe". It finally returned to the USA at the end of October.


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